Those old wives' tales usually have quite a bit of truth to them if you just give them a chance. This one is even backed up by science.

The next time you finish off a delicious orange with your lunch or a midday snack, consider keeping the peelings. It could be your home's greatest defense this summer and for future summers to come.

With warm weather hitting Michigan, the bugs and pests are out, making it difficult to enjoy those beautiful sunny days we've been missing out on. The worst of them are mosquitos, which are as deadly as they are annoying.

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But rather than using harsh chemicals or sticky bug repellant to enjoy a bug-free afternoon on the patio, you likely have the solution in your kitchen right now.

According to a study in the International Journal for Multidisciplinary Research via House Digest, orange peels are a great natural defense against mosquitos, houseflies, cockroaches and many other pests that would intrude on your home.

From House Digest:

This is thanks to the high limonene content in the peels, which is an insecticide. This substance affects an insect's respiratory system. You can also rub orange peels on your skin to repel mosquitoes because they interfere with their ability to detect the lactic acids that attract them to human skin.

It's as simple as lining your patio with the orange peelings, as much as you feel is necessary. You can just use the peels as they are, chop them into small pieces or grind them up. The process can be as simple as you want, though the larger the area you're looking to protect, the more work you'll have to put in.

Alternatively, you can boil the peels to create a spray if you're concerned about the aesthetic of fruit shaving on your property.

Still, if you opt for the shavings, the peels are biodegradable and will wither away with time. Plus, you shouldn't have to worry about rodents being attracted, as they tend to only like the insides of oranges like we do.

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