The NFL Draft is taking over Detroit this year, but the Michigan Wolverines could take over the draft.

The Wolverines have 18 draft-eligible players, which puts them in position to break Georgia's 2022 record of 15 players taken from one school in one draft.

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Whether or not that happens, the Wolverines program is one of the NFL's top feeder programs. Michigan is tied with Alabama with 401 all-time NFL Draft picks, the fifth-most of any program.

Still, some teams like taking Wolverines more than others. For example, one NFC North team, all of which have been around for at least 60 years, has yet to even draft 10 players from Michigan.

On the other hand, one team used to really like taking Michigan players but hasn't taken a single one since the 1990s.

Below is how each NFL franchise stacks up with their total draft selections of Michigan Wolverines.

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