Today officially marked the first day of Spring as I type this, and life couldn't be better! Warmer weather, longer days, and did I say warmer weather too?

Unfortunately, we aren't the only ones looking forward to those nicer temperatures. Some of the predators across Michigan are also waking up.

Michigan Predator Returns To The Great Lakes NOW!

The Great Lakes are home to tons of different creatures and critters. Do you know what the biggest predator in the Great Lakes is?

Prepare yourself, it is one ugly looking thing.

The Sea Lamprey
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The biggest predator in the Great Lakes is a sea lamprey.

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Sea lamprey's are an invasive species in the great lakes ecosystem. I'm going to have to side with Bishop Bullwinkle here, "Hell naw, to the naw, naw, naw."

What Exactly Is A Sea Lamprey?

Sea lamprey's are basically the vampires to the aquatic world. They will attach themselves to the side of a fish and begin feeding on the fish. Lake trout are the most common food of choice for the sea lamprey.

It's Sea Lamprey Season Again

Like many things, the seas lampreys are most active during the spring in summer months. Typically the late winter and fairly early spring months are their mating seasons.

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To clarify, as I had to Google it to verify, however, sea lamprey's are not interested in humans. Lamprey's are a fish parasite, and don't pose any direct towards human, minus impacting the fishing community.

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