Stars, they're just like us!

True, Michigan is known as a "Water-Winter Wonderland" and it's a wonderful place to explore year-round, but summers are especially wonderful. Even these stars know Pure Michigan is one of the best-kept secrets out there, as far as summer destinations are concerned.

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It's no surprise these celebs own summer vacation homes in Michigan! Here are a few stars you're likely to spot in The Mitten this season. Do any of these faces look familiar?

5 Celebrities You're Likely To See In West Michigan This Summer

These 5 celebs just can't get enough of Pure Michigan. Here's who you're likely to see strolling the shores of Lake Michigan this summer:

Have you had any celebrity sightings here in West Michigan?

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6 Michigan-Themed Cocktails to Sip On This Summer

Whether you're on the boat, at Lake Michigan, or sitting poolside, here are some thirst quenching Michigan-themed cocktails to sip on 'All Summer Long'!

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