While there are plenty of reasons to love living in the Buckeye State, most Ohio residents can admit that they have not liked something about the city they call home. However, no one wants to live in a city considered 'lacking in intelligence.' But one city in Ohio is gaining attention, as one of the dumbest to live in.


Ohio City Lands On List Of Dumbest Cities In America

A recent study determined the 25 dumbest cities in America and one Ohio city was included. Insider Monkey says three main factors contribute to this unfortunate label; average income, poverty rate, and the unemployment rate in these cities:

These are the elements that render a city uninhabitable and uncomfortable, as well as those that contribute to the general deterioration of economic well-being.

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While it steered clear of landing in the #1 spot on the list, Columbus, Ohio came in sixth place as one of the dumbest cities. Recent studies show that Columbus had the highest growth in population out of any big city in America in 2023. However, some troubling statistics are on the rise in Columbus. The percentage of people living below the poverty line has increased by nearly 18 percent. Insider Monkey suggests some changes to keep the city off the list of dumbest cities to live:

Considering these reasons, Columbus easily makes it one of the dumbest cities to live in America. Transportation policies, local entrepreneurship, and small company development initiatives can aid urban communities.

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