There's no shortage of fast-food chain restaurants in Michigan and most of us probably have a favorite. They make it easy for us to grab food quickly when we're on a road trip or when we want to skip the kitchen for a weeknight meal. But a recent study shows one fast food chain is the worst in America and Michigan is home to 23 locations.


The Worst Fast Food Chain In America; 23 Locations In Michigan

Fast-food chains have recently had their share of highs and lows in the headlines. Some are expanding and opening new locations, while others have had to close locations due to bankruptcy or restructuring, some are struggling to meet customers' needs. Yahoo Finance released a list of the 13 worst-rated fast-food restaurants in America. According to Yahoo Finance, they utilized Reddit for their findings:

We went through multiple Reddit threads and used search terms like “worst fast-food in the US”, “worst fast-food chains in America”, and “America’s worst fast-food restaurants” to find relevant threads.

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Coming in first place for the worst-rated fast food chain restaurant in America is Long John Silver's. With over 1700 negative Reddit reviews, according to the study, Long John Silver's is "awful":

Long John Silver’s tops our list of the worst-rated fast-food restaurants in America according to Reddit. It is an American chain of fast-food restaurants that specializes in seafood. A huge number of Redditors pointed out problems with food quality at Long John Silver’s. Several Redditors labeled the chain as simply awful.


Yum Brands Sells Long John Silver's And A&W Chain Restaurants
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The top 3 on the list were Burger King at number 2 and Subway at number 3.

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