There's a dude in Lansing who made the most out of this big polar storm we saw last weekend, as he made something that's not only impressive but very lifelike for being made out of snow. Jeffrey Kosloski, who is 41, made a snow sculpture of an Orca "Killer" Whale that's almost 10 feet in length from just snow, using spray paint for detail.

Kosloski started making the Killer Whale at 10:30 p.m. Friday and was able to finish it after he grabbed the remaining supplies the next morning once stores opened, as he told USA Today:

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I went outside and felt the snow was so soft like clay or Play-Doh, I had never seen snow like that in my entire life. I didn't have an idea until I thought of the movie 'Free Willy' and said, 'I am going to make a whale.

How Did He Make It?

Everything is pure snow, even the teeth, I used the 2-by-4 to hold up the fin. I used a saw to make the teeth sharp. The spray paint I used ran out by 5 a.m., so I had to wait until 6 a.m. when the store opened. I was being a big kid. I advise all parents to take the technology away from their children and have them go outside and have fun. There is so much to do other than staying on devices.

Lansing isn't the only city that has some talented snow artists, as even in the Winchell neighborhood, one homeowner makes his mini snow works of art, as you can see below:

Snow Sculptures in Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Gallery Credit: (Photos courtesy of Mike Huver. Used by permission)

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