The last time the monarchy changed hands in England, the Detroit Lions were NFL Champions. So yeah, it's been a long time.

The world was enamored with the crowning of King Charles over the weekend. Entire generations had never seen or heard what happens during the opulent rituals - a lot of which seems very silly for 2023. But the last time this happened was 1953, when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, and life was QUITE different then, including in Michigan.

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Seventy years is a long time. The majority of Michiganders weren't even born yet.

G. Mennen Williams was governor, Albert Cobo was Mayor of Detroit, legendary Wolverine Football player Paul G. Goebel was mayor of Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo had a population of 54,097.

There was a lot of high, and low moments in Michigan History in 1953, so what was life like in Michigan during the last coronation?

What Was Happening In Michigan in 1953

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