The state of Michigan is known for its music. Motown was founded in Detroit. Some of the biggest names in rock and R&B came out of the Mitten, and artist, after artist, after artist gushes over how welcoming, and fun the audiences are in the state of Michigan - both east, and west sides.

So you would think we all know our music pretty well, and maybe even have a heir of elitism when it comes to the artists we most want to see live in concert... but you'd be wrong. Turns out, the state of Michigan is nearly as basic as the rest of the country.

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First of all, no shame to anyone who likes these artists. I know that open felt a little harsh, but I really did expect Michigan to at least have SOME parody in their most-anticipated shows for 2024. But clearly, the masses have spoken.

Nationally, and naturally, the number one most-coveted concert ticket coming into 2024 is obviously Taylor Swift and her "Eras" tour. It was the biggest things in stadiums across the country in all of 2023, and that INCLUDES NFL games. The Super Bowl didn't sell as many tickets as Taylor did in Vegas.

It's also estimated that more than 659,000 people search for tickets to her show every month, which is more than the next two artists combined - Morgan Wallen and his "One Night at a Time" tour, and Zach Bryan's "The Quittin' Time" Tour,

Across the country, the top-10 most sought shows, and how many people search for tickets each month include:

  1. Taylor Swift "Eras" tour - 659,333
  2. Morgan Wallen "One Night at a Time" tour - 283,227
  3. Zach Bryan "The Quittin' Time Tour - 251,039
  4. Drake "It's All a Blur" Tour - 246,291
  5. Chris Stapleton "All-American Road Show" - 125.426
  6. Olivia Rodrigo "Guts" World Tour - 122,882
  7. Noah Kahan "We'll Be Here Forever" Tour - 111,645
  8. Blink-182 World Tour - 92,095
  9. Bruce Springsteen 2024 World Tour - 68,658
  10. Metallica "M72" World Tour - 64,701

It seems a little gross that you have to get to the bottom three before you see a rock band, but I guess they call it "Pop" music (short for "popular") for a reason.

What were Michigan's Top Searches for Concert Tickets?

See, that's the thing... I would have thought there'd be at least ONE artist that's different for Michigan. Madonna is going back on the road, and is even FROM Michigan. She was born in Bay City.

Billy Joel, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Lionel Richie with Earth, Wind & Fire, Green Day, Chicago, Usher... ALL OF THESE ARTISTS are going on tour this year, MOST of which have dates either in Michigan, or within a quick drive! And yet, not a single one of them made Michigan's list.

Yep, Michigan kept the same Top 10 as the national audience, which is wild, because Metallica performed in Detroit last year, and people are still searching for tickets.

It's kind of ridiculous, like I said, but I'm not a person who will shame people for the music they love. I was just surprised.

The most important part of all of this is, people are going to see live shows, to directly support these artists, and that's incredible. Being one of the top artists on these lists is just the icing on the cake they want to see.

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