There's a lot in this story that feels like a sick version of playing Mad Libs, but unfortunately, it's all real, and it did end up costing someone's life in the end.

For today's insane story, we have to go to Detroit, where this woman, not only called to TELL her ex that she'd set his home on fire, and then proceeded to get drugs at a local McDonald's.

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Authorities say Cinamon Charmaine Rigmaiden is facing many serious charges, following the incident that killed one person, and injured two more.

The Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney's Office alleges that Rigmaiden went to her ex-boyfriend's home where she "poured an accelerant on the front porch." She then lit the porch on fire, and fled the scene.

Fire officials arrived to put out the blaze, but sadly discovered the ex's disabled mother dead in the home, and tended to his injured uncle, and his uncle's fiance.

During her initial bond hearing, prosecutors added even more context to the incident, saying she'd spent 75 cents on gasoline, which she used to cover a couch on the home's front porch. She lit it, got into her car, then texted the owner - her ex - "Your house is on Fire."

He had allegedly, recently broken up with her.

The fiance of the homeowner's uncle had to escape through a window on the second story of the home, and his uncle had to make the unfortunate decision to leave his sister (the homeowner's disabled mother) behind.

They received slight injuries, while sadly the mother was killed.

After fleeing the scene, Rigmaiden, per her own words, went to McDonald's to "purchase cocaine." Her lawyers claimed that she only started the fire to cause property damage to her ex, and had no idea there were people in the home.

She is currently being held in jail without bond, and rightfully so. How awful, and insane of a thing to do. Even if you KNEW for SURE there were no people in that home... you're gonna light a person's home on fire, all because they broke up with you? In what alternative universe is ANY of this OK?

Our thoughts go out to the homeowner and his family... but as for "Cinamon," get used to those bars.

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