It's getting to that point in the year for many here in Michigan, where school will be coming to a close and many children across the state will be on summer break. That may raise some questions for some first time families out there.

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When exactly can you leave your kids home alone here in Michigan?

What Age Can You Legally Leave Kids Alone At In Michigan?

I think we can all think of the famous holiday movie Home Alone, whenever we think of someone leaving their kids home alone. Or maybe, that is what goes through the parents heads when they're getting ready to leave their children home alone.

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Kevin, in Home alone, was only eight years old when his parents left him and accidently went on their holiday vacation without them. But, here in Michigan, what age can you legally leave your kids home alone at? Kevin was only eight when he was left home alone, and he was able to get past two burglars.

The Laws Here In Michigan:

Each kid is different, and no two kids or parents will be able to make the same decisions on when to leave their kids home alone, however, there is a legal law here in Michigan to which you must follow, otherwise, you could face neglect charges.

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In Michigan, the minimum age to leave a child home alone is 11-years old. While Kevin was able to face a ton of bad guys at the age of eight, here in Michigan, that wouldn't fly.

It's always important to consider the maturity in a child, the overall safety, as well as a plane of action in case of danger, before allowing a kid to stay home alone.

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