Lansing has a truly rich history as the capital city of Michigan. First settled in 1859, we've come a long way since our start.

Did you also know that Lansing hasn't always been the capital city either? Detroit was once the state capital, that was until we feared an invasion from Canada or by the Great Lakes, so we moved more inward.

The Oldest Home In Lansing

Since being founded back in 1859, a lot has definitely changed here in Lansing. New buildings have come and gone, and a lot of housing has been built and removed throughout the years.

McConnell Adams / Kristen Matthews / Google Streetview
McConnell Adams / Kristen Matthews / Google Streetview

Tons of businesses have flourished and thrived, and unfortunately, some have faltered with time.

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This home, however, is one of the last remaining of its time.

The home was built in 1885 and has had a slue of owners since then, even in the past couple of years! The home is not currently on the market, but some photos of its interior exist on Zillow.

Look Inside The Oldest Home In Lansing

Take a look at the home, below:

Take A Look Inside One Of Lansing's Oldest Homes

We can't confirm if this is the oldest home in Lansing, but it is up there. Take a tour of this remodeled home, straight out of the 1800s. While not the original home all around. It still is up there and age and was recently flipped to match a more modern society.

The home, for being over 100 years old still has a lot of charm, but with a very modern flair to it. A lot of love and care has gone into it over the past couple of years to make it more appealing to a modern couple.

Hopefully, the home stands to see another 100 years and the people of Lansing in the future can appreciate it even more!

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