The haunt season is not over yet at one haunted house in Michigan.

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean all the haunted houses have closed in Michigan. For two days only, one of Michigan's haunts will be open for the public to enjoy this month.

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Mark your calendars for December 15th and December 16th as Factory of the Dead in Saginaw will open its doors once again. Krampus, the Christmas demon, along with evil elves, scary snowmen, and more will come alive for Factory of the Dead: Chapter III: A Holiday Horror Story.

This event is centered around Krampus, the Christmas demon who assists Santa with dealing with naughty children. Visitors will even be able to get their photo taken with Krampus at the event.

When will Factory of the Dead be open in December?

Chapter III: A Holiday Horror Story at Factory of the Dead will take place on Friday, December 15th, and Saturday, December 16th from 7 pm to 11 pm each night.

How much are tickets?

Tickets for A Holiday Horror Story start at just $25 each. Use the promo code Krampus and you can buy three tickets and get the fourth ticket free. Details and tickets here. 

Where is Factory of the Dead located?

Factory of the Dead is located at 906 Lapeer Avenue in Saginaw.

If driving around looking at Christmas lights just isn't your thing, then why not get some scares in your life this holiday season? The story of Krampus will definitely help keep your kids in line this year.

Source: Factory of the Dead

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