With the holidays in full swing, there is always a lot of people traveling to and from Grand Rapids.

If you are traveling to or from Grand Rapids, you need to know about the changes that will affect travelers in the New Year.

Have you heard about the new parking rates?

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New Short Term Parking Rates At GRR Airport

If you were going to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport before the new year, you would have the option to pay an hourly rate with a daily maximum.

BT/Townsquare Media
BT/Townsquare Media

However, starting January 1st, that will be changing. There will not be any daily maximum.

Acoording to the GRR website,

"Effective January 1, 2024, the short-term parking lot will transition to an hourly rate and will no longer have a daily maximum.

As for the reasoning behind this change, it has not been disclosed publicly.


All that they have detailed is their intended use of the short term parking lot. It will only be for people who are picking up travelers.


This lot is intended only for those picking up guests. For travelers needing to park for multiple days, please park in one of the three long-term parking options."

Where Do I Park At GRR Airport?

If you still want to park, you can use the other three parking lots.

  • Long Term Garage Parking - $2 per hour / $24 per day
  • Long Term North Lot - $2 per hour / $17 per day
  • Economy Lot - $2 per hour / $14 per day
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If you are going on a one week vacation with your car parked at GRR airport, you will be spending:

  • Long Term Garage Parking - $168
  • Long Term North Lot - $119
  • Economy Lot - $98

There are plenty of rideshare services that you can use if parking at the airport is not your speed anymore.

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