If there's one organization I dislike more that the Westboro Baptist Church, it's the people who run OneMillionMoms.com.

First off, I doubt that their organization actually includes a million moms. Your name is false advertising! Second, it seems that they hate everything, and try to pawn their opinions off as popular opinion.

Their latest target, J C Penney. Why J C Penney? Because they have decided to have Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson for their store. "Why is that a problem", you may be asking yourself. "Everyone loves Ellen!" Well, these one million moms seem to think that it's offensive to have an openly gay woman as a spokesperson.

One their website, OneMillionMoms.com says

Make a personal phone call to JC Penney's corporate headquarters and ask JC Penney to replace Ellen Degeneres as their new spokesperson immediately to remain neutral in the culture war.

It's a culture war? How is this a culture war? Whatever, J C Penney is basically telling these moms that they can suck it.

On Friday, in an emailed statement to Yahoo! Shine, J C Penney said that they stand behind their decision to keep Ellen on as a spokesperson for their store. As they should, Ellen's talk show has a HUGE viewing audience, and they people who love her really really love her.

Of course, that's not how OneMillionMoms sees it,

DeGeneres is not a true representation of the type of families that shop at their store. The majority of JC Penney shoppers will be offended and choose to no longer shop there.

I highly doubt that Ellen being the spokesperson for a store is going to make people stop shopping there. And, Penney's probably doesn't want these moms shopping there, anyway!

GLAAD (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has spoken out in support of the retailer, saying,

This week Americans spoke out in overwhelming support of LGBT people and J.C. Penney’s decision not to fire Ellen simply for who she happens to love.

Now, I don't think that there's any way that I would ever stop shopping at a place simply based on the celebrity they chose to represent them. Unless it was Chris Brown.

But, I can tell you one thing, if OneMillionMoms.com ever becomes a spokesperson for a store, I'm totally boycotting it.