Justin Timberlake is about to star in yet another movie. He is set to play Clint Eastwood's pal, who is coming out of acting retirement for an upcoming baseball film, Trouble With The Curve. Clint Eastwood will star as an ageing baseball scout who is losing his vision, and J.T. has been cast as his friend Johnny Flanagan, a former pitcher who works as a talent-spotter for the New York Yankees.

Timberlake will be a potential love interest for Eastwood's onscreen daughter, who is played by Amy Adams. The sports movie will be the first film Eastwood has starred in but not directed since the 1993 movie filmed here in Michigan, "In the Line of Fire." Eastwood previously vowed to bow out of the spotlight so he could concentrate on movie making, that is unless the perfect script came along... which from the looks of it, it did.