Jessica Spinoza hails from the south side of San Antonio, Texas. Her impoverished upbringing ain't stopping her, and an 'X Factor' win could change her family's existence. On tonight's (Sept. 19) Austin, Texas audition episode, she sang Pink's 'Nobody Knows.' While nobody knew Jessica before, she made sure to turn in a performance that will change everything for her overnight.

With her two-toned black and red hair and her smoky, bluesy delivery, Spinoza, 22, chose wisely with a ballad by tough girl Pink, who would seem to be a kindred spirit. Her delivery was raw and unrefined, and that was her greatest charm. She struck a raw nerve with the judges, and Britney Spears made googly eyes at her the whole time.

"You have such a strong voice, and it's really deep and I love it. It's amazing," said Brit Brit.

Demi Lovato referenced the "sparkle in her eye," which is in the DNA of people with the 'X Factor.' By the way, how do we get some of that?

Simon Cowell didn't like Spinoza's 'X Factor' audition. He luuurrrvvved it. He loved every moment of how she sang for her life, and declared that he loved her. Um, we hope that his self-proclaimed baby mama and previous contestant Panda didn't catch wind of that. She might fight Jessica Spinoza over her boo, taking what's rightfully hers.

Not surprisingly, Spinoza got a "yes" from the entire panel, thanking the judges through her tears.