Oakley is doing more than just developing sunglasses! And Golfer Bubba Watson is doing more than just playing golf. The two-time Masters champ now has an unconventional ride to match his unconventional style. Check out this video showcasing a new Jetpack golf cart.   It's called B-W Air and it's billed as the world's first golf cart jetpack.

The B-W Air is driven by a 200 horsepower engine which drives two fans and is capable of vertical take-offs and landings.  The Jetpack can go up to 3,000 ft and fly at about 46 mph.

According to Mashable:

the BW-Air (yes, for Bubba Watson) is an experimental aircraft capable of flying at 46 mph and at an altitude of 3,000 feet. It's built by Martin Aircraft, and, if FAA approved, would likely cost around $200,000.

He apparently plans to use this new Jetpack during the Summer Olympics in Rio, which this year marks the return of Golf to the games.

I don't currently golf, but if they offered these at the clubhouse, I may learn how to play... or at least putt around.