Jimmy Kimmel is back at with his antics. In honor of Father's Day, Kimmel had people partake in a YouTube Challenge: "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Played Catch With My Dad.” The point was for kids to "catch" their dads off guard and throw something them at them, and of course it was all on camera.

The challenge was put together in a series of clips and it's gold! The reactions of the dads are hilarious and priceless. What makes it great is that people got creative with the challenge. They used different things to throw at dad, not just a ball. For example, one kid threw a waffle at his unexpected dad (which is as funny as it sounds). I can't decide which one is my favorite because they're all hilarious but I can't resist the cute old man who got rolls of toilet paper tossed at him.

So what did the unsuspecting dads think? Most were NOT amused and even had some choice words for Jimmy himself. Maybe they're laughing at themselves now. Maybe.

If you need a good laugh this is the video you need to watch. I know Father's Day is over but it's never too late to play catch with Dad!