It's safe to say that when you get into a relationship, it's hard not to feel threatened by your partner's ex/past.

Although Johnny Depp is now married to model Amber Heard, she still had some qualms regarding his past love.

Us Weekly reports that Depp

recently sold his 156-foot luxury yacht because wife Amber Heard refused to climb aboard."

Golkin Oleg/ThinkStock

Why would she refuse to step on board of a yacht?! Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well, it's because the yacht was named after Depp's former love (and mother of his 2 children), Vanessa.

I once made my ex-boyfriend stop wearing a certain hat because his ex had gotten it for him.

Has your partner ever made you get rid of something? Regardless if it had to do with the past or not.

For example, on an episode of Parenthood one of the storylines was Dax Shepard's character had to get rid of his motorcycle because his wife wanted the money for a minivan. (FYI: I would take the motorcycle over a minivan any day lol)