Justin Bieber filmed his Christmas special for MuchMusic yesterday, Dec. 21, taking the stage in Canada for the taping of ‘Home for the Holidays.’ During the show, the Biebs melted fans’ hearts by bringing his little sister Jazmyn onto the stage for an adorable duet.

Justin and 4-year-old Jazmyn, who goes by Jazzy, took the stage together at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada to sing ‘Baby’ together. In the past, Bieber has said that Jazzy likes to sing along to her big brother’s songs, and seeing the 17-year-old singing with his cute little sis still has us letting out a seemingly endless “awwwww.”

Jazzy was getting a little shy during some of the duet, but luckily she had her superstar older brother watching her back. Bieber seems like a wonder with kids, as he guided Jazzy through ‘Baby’ and held her in his arms. She looked adorable in her pink sweatsuit, while Justin rocked a red checkered flannel, gray skull cap and jeans. Despite their 13 year age gap, the siblings definitely look alike, from the color of their hair to their heartwarming smiles.

After they sang ‘Baby,’ Bieber partook in some onstage banter with his sister. He asked Jazzy if she had a boyfriend yet, and also asked her about her new haircut. Bieber then told the audience, “She shaved my brother Jaxon’s head! He’s like 2 and he looks just like a big baby.” He later told Jazzy that her new short hairdo looked beautiful, rendering every female fan in the house helpless to his endearing charm. Later, the siblings sang ‘One Time’ together before Jazzy gave her big brother a hug and left the stage.

As if Justin Bieber wasn’t lovable enough, this duet with his sister just made him that much more endearing. We hope Jaxon will join his big brother for a duet in the near future! Imagine all three of them onstage together singing? Our heads might explode from cuteness overload.

Watch Justin Bieber Sing With His Little Sister Jazmyn