Justin Bieber's "Roast" special on Comedy Central was taped Saturday night and is set to air March 30.

However, if you're like us and can't wait to hear how bad Bieber got it, we have you covered with all the highlights!

Kevin Hart hosted the event, and the list of roasters included Shaquille O'Neal, Martha Stewart (yes you read that right),Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and comedians Jeffrey Ross, Hannibal Buress, Chris D'Elia, Natasha Leggero, and Pete Davidson from "Saturday Night Live."

Despite Bieber's attempt to get Seth Rogan to come and roast him he did not show up, but Will Ferrell did and even better as character Ron Burgundy.

Some of the digs thrown at Bieber that were our favorite:

Jeff Ross dug at Bieber's claim that Anne Frank would have been a "Belieber"
He said:

"If she heard your music she would've Uber'd to Auschwitz."

Bieber's ex Selena Gomez was not off limits either for Ross:

"Selena wanted to be here but she's dating men now.  Is it true you dumped her because she grew a mustache before you? Selena Gomez had sex with [you] . . . proving Mexicans will do the disgusting jobs Americans just won't do."


The biggest surprise of the night was the jokes not directed toward the Biebs

Of course Kevin Hart's size was cracked on by Davidson saying:

 "It's an honor to be at a roast hosted by Shaq's [penis]."


Martha's criminal past was put on blast by Leggero:

 "All these rappers on stage and Martha Stewart has done the most jail time."


And Shockingly even Martha Stewart has a little smack talk game in her

"I've come up with a douche that no one has ever heard of, you know, like Chris D'Elia."


Gah it's like hearing your grandma swear

Other than hearing Martha smack talk there was only a couple uncomfortable moments when some Paul Walker jokes were thrown out there since Ludacris starred with him in the "Fast and Furious" movies.

The roast airs at 10 p.m. EDT March 30 on Comedy Central.

Though, sadly, it will be edited down. So, there is no telling what might make the cut.