is reporting that the reunion that many boy band fans have been waiting for for years will occur at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. While the VMAs is not an awards show that I generally make it a point to watch, I will be DVRing it this year just to witness the magic that will be 'N Sync back together on stage.

If this rumors are true, this will be the first time that all of the members of 'N Sync will perform together since 2003. Has it really been 10 years?!? I'm starting to feel a little old.

The New York Post quoted an unnamed source when breaking the story, saying that this reunion is definitely not out of the realm of possibility. Apparently, the members of the band were hanging out in Timberlakes VIP lounge following his performance with Jay-Z in Miami recently.

Why would all of the members be at the show anyway? Well, turns out that Timberlake is being awarded with the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. While I'm guessing that most of the presentation will focus on his solo career, the folks at MTV would be remiss to exclude his time with 'N Sync.

So, I'm going to set my DVR and hope for what I hope is one of the best reunion performances of all time. And hey, if it doesn't happen, I can at least judge what everyone is wearing.

The show airs Sunday night at 9pm on MTV.