Sorry, kids. Your pipe dream of returning to 2014 glory will not be happening. At least not with JV.

The Detroit Tigers were expected to make a big splash on the free agent market this off season, after turning in one of the best records in the American League the second half of the 2021 season.

But one big name will not be on their docket.

Justin Verlander Wednesday signed a one season $25 million deal with the Houston Astros, putting to bed rumors that the talented right hander, who led the Tigers to four straight Central Division titles from 2011-14, would be returning.

I know emotionally that name would have been a big get for the Tigers, the team has quietly been putting together some pretty good pieces for a possible title run in 2022.

Earlier this week they signed pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez to a contract. Rodriguez pitched for the East Division wild card Boston Red Sox last year after rising in the Baltimore Orioles system. He's a solid starter and was named the most undervalued pitcher on the  current free agent market by ESPN.

American League Championship Series - Workout Day
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That was after trading for catcher Tyler Barnhart from the Cincinnati Reds earlier this month, which many experts are also considering to be a great pick up.

The truth is, if they can add free agent shortstop Carlos Correa of Houston to the Tigers fold, as some baseball writers fell they might, this will be a great off season for the team, and the return to mid-decade glory will happen, even without JV.

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A Look Back At Justin Verlander's Glory Years With The Detroit Tigers

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