The Kalamazoo Air Zoo welcomed a brand new aircraft to its facilities last week when "Shaba" (only one of four F-117s released to museums this year) arrived by truck on Friday afternoon.

After a little more than two and a half years, the F-117 finally arrived at its final destination in Kalamazoo via several trucks carrying the wings and fuselage. On December 5th, the first wing from the F-117 Nighthawk Shaba arrived at the Air Zoo and by December 7th, both of its wings were unloaded into the museum.  After the delivery of the wings, the staff was simply waiting for Shaba's fuselage to arrive so that they could start to assemble and restore the aircraft.

Once the fuselage arrived on Friday morning, the wings were immediately attached and Shaba was ready for display at the Air Zoo.  Because, just like the Kalamazoo Air Zoo said in their Facebook post, they restore their aircraft right where the aircraft is displayed.

You might notice that the iconic black paint is missing from the F-117.  That's because the paint was sandblasted off because it is still considered to be a military secret.  The black paint was specially developed to absorb radar waves and was removed as part of the demilitarization process.  According to, some of the "leading edges" of the aircraft were removed because they were also deemed to be top-secret.

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