Kelly Clarkson had a really bad day earlier this week. Luckily she has the ‘Best Boyfriend’ in the world to help her through it.

Clarkson has made no secret that she is beyond happy with her boyfriend Brandon Blackstock. She’s been smiling more. She got in shape. She gushes about him to the media. All in all, the ‘Dark Side’ singer deserves to be happy. She recently took to Facebook to sound off about a bad day and in turn revealed how her man wins the ‘Best Boyfriend Award’ for how good he is to her. When you find out what he did to cheer her up, you’re knees will buckle. Kelly done nabbed a good one.

Clarkson dealt with another major scare. She shared that one of her pups almost died. Joplin is doing better but is under a vet’s care. Clarkson asked for prayers, so do it up.

I had the worst day yesterday because my little baby Joplin, one my dogs, almost died and I was a wreck. He is now at a vet hospital and doing better. Please say a prayer for him. Thank you to all of my fans that came out last night to my Ohio show! Y’all are the best! Thank you for making my night better. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

She also posted about how one of her crew dudes went in for surgery and it upset her. You can almost hear that adorbs Texas accent coming out in how she worded her post.

Good Lord and also, Harold, one of my favorite crew guys on the road with me right now just went in for emergency surgery because of a hernia and also a bus broke down on my tour …..seriously, I feel like the rapture is next haha! What is going on the past two days! Ohio, I love you but I might not be coming back ha! Bad luck here!

She also shared that Blackstock used his piloting skills to swoop down and surprise her with a visit. How romantic! That’s when she christened him the ‘Best Boyfriend’ and you’ll get no arguments from us. Any man that charters a plane to fly in to be with his lady love is good by us.

I had a really bad day yesterday and my boyfriend is a pilot and flew in to surprise me and be with me because I was so sad. He wins Best Boyfriend Award ….hands down. I’m very lucky he loves me so much. Please don’t settle ladies! Great men are out there! Or great ladies depending on what team you bat for!

Clarkson also issued a follow up to confirm that her dog did not die. He is just really sick. Poor guy.

There are rumors going around that my dog Joplin died and just wanted to confirm that is not true. He has been at MedVet in Cincinnati, Ohio and is doing better. If anyone in that area needs a vet hospital please go there! They are the greatest staff ever and very helpful! They brought my little joplin back to life and now he is on his way to a specialist in Tennessee! Please keep praying.

While Clarkson did have the worst day, we’re going to quote one of her biggest songs here: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

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