Kelly Clarkson‘s smash single ‘Stronger’ took on an entirely new meaning when the patients on the hemoncology floor of Seattle’s Children Hospital filmed a video of them singing the powerful lyrics.

Even the nurses get in on the fun, singing and dancing down the halls. Music really can lift people up when used right!

There are lots of shots of the close-cropped patients singing the words, but more importantly, they are showing off and demonstrating their resilience. It is a true testament to the infallibility of the human spirit.

These kids show that they can have fun and be moved by music even when dealing with something as tough as cancer. It’s super cute and will brighten your mood — especially seeing  sick kids having fun and trying to enjoy life, thanks to music.

What a powerful video! God bless all these kids. We hope they beat the odds.

Clarkson even loves it.

Watch Kelly Clarkson ‘Stronger’ Performed by Cancer Patients in Seattle