In this day and age, with parents, administrators, and even the government encouraging kids to get out and be active, one wouldn't expect to read this headline. But, it actually happened.

Over 60 seniors from Kenowa Hills High School have been suspended for one day because their Tuesday morning bike ride to school caused a two-mile traffic jam.

Now, before you assume that the kids were creating a public nuisance, you need to know that they were actually escorted on their entire ride by Walker police officers and the Mayor!

The suspension will affect more than just their attendance records. The will also be banned from participating in the annual senior walk through the school halls on their last day. Which is today.

Superintendent Gerald Hopkins told the folks at WOOD TV8 that the students will still be allowed to participate in graduation, which is scheduled for May 30.

Officials have also said that they are still evaluating the situation and that another senior walk may be planned at a later date.

What do you think? Should these students be punished or applauded for their bike ride this morning? Do you think this is a rather harsh decision considering that the students were riding right along with police officers and the mayor?