The Kent County Board of Commissioners have started a new social media campaign encouraging you to order take-out from local restaurants and post it to your socials.

The idea is designed to support locally-owned restaurants who have suffered revenue losses due to the pandemic.

The next time you order Takeout, take a picture or video of the restaurant or of the food you ordered and tag with the hashtag #KCTakeoutChallenge. Then tag three of your friends to spread the word. The social media promotion will run through the end of the year.

This campaign supports local businesses, workers and families. Local restaurants are part of the fabric of communities all across Kent County, and thousands of our neighbors rely on them for their livelihoods. But they have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. We want our local restaurants and their employees to emerge strong when this crisis is over.

The current restrictions placed on restaurants in Kent County due to the COVID-19 pandemic are set to expire on Dec 9.

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