In her behind-the-scenes look at 'Die Young,' Kesha described her relationship with her fans as being a cult. But unlike Heaven's Gate or anything led by a Manson or Koresh, Kesha gives back to her followers -- though she does sometimes make them work for it. When one Animal sleuth solved a clue in an online scavenger hunt on her website, the 'Warrior' singer unlocked her track 'C'mon' as a reward.

'C'mon' is a return to the Kesha everyone first fell in love with, reminiscent of 'Tik Tok,' 'Your Love Is My Drug,' 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' and 'Grow a Pear' in terms of sound and theme. The song is a synth heavy dance romp dedicated to meeting a cute band guy in a bar, getting tipsy and hooking up.

As usual, there are bits of K-Dollar Sign's usual cheeky, goofy, self-aware humor as well. "Feelin' like a saber-toothed ti-grrrrr / Sippin' on a warm Budweiser / Touch me and give me that rush / Better bring a toothbrush / Gonna pull an all-nighter / We been keepin' it Kosher / But I want to get it on fo' sho'." Seriously, who other than Kesha can pull this off?

It's a return to the glitter goddess in terms of her rapping -- the verses are rapidfire spits of silliness. However, she croons on the choruses and bridge without much of the Auto-Tune she's been criticized for in the past (though there is a hint of a Vocoder for effect in the bridge). If listeners were jarred by the rawness of 'Die Young' and missed the old cannibal queen, they'll find her here.

Watch the Kesha, 'C'mon' Lyric Video