Khloe Kardashian often shares adorable pictures of her baby True, showing how excited she is to finally be a mom. But after receiving tons of comments from trolls who have made racist remarks about her daughter, she decided to speak out with a series of tweets on Thursday (Sept. 27), calling out trolls who deleted their "nasty criticism" when she replied to their comments. She also reminded her followers to "learn to praise all skin tones/ethnicities."

The racist comments began on Sept. 18 when her sister Kim Kardashian shared a picture of her daughter Chicago West with cousins True and Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi. Trolls decided to criticize the five-month-old baby for having darker skin than her cousins. Though Kim didn't turn off the comments on her picture, Khloe disabled comments in pictures of True.

When a fan reached out to expressed support towards Khloe after noticing the comments, she replied saying that she was thankful for her fans' support and was "blocking out the white noise."

The comments have since been re-activated, with Khloe's warning serving as a reminder that she will never tolerate those kinds of comments. Hopefully with the help of Khloe's clap back, haters will think twice before saying anything about Khloe's adorable baby.

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