Jersey Shore's JWoww has a brand new book out... yeah, I thought the same thing, I didn't know they could read, let alone write.  But I guess I was proven wrong about that.  Kidd Kraddick had her on the show this morning talking about her new book and her life on Jersey Shore.  Click 'READ MORE' to listen to the interview and get some more info on her book.

Her new book is titled "The Rules According to JWoww",  and has clever lines like "Stop drinking if you vomit, if you puke it up don't put more in.  Vomiting is a signal that your body cannot take the amount of alcohol that you consumed".  So if need more advice like that... well first off have a listen to the interview... then check yourself into the Betty Ford clinic.

You can check out her website here (you can pick up the book on her site)