The one and only Selena Gomez graced the Kidd Kraddick studios the morning.  Selena talks about all of her current projects, including her new album and her new movie, Monte Carlo.  She also talks about her admiration for Jason Mraz, and her crush on some boy band members.  Selena was recently released from the hospital for a blood pressure condition.  Kidd plays dad and gets her to explain what she meant when she said she was "malnourished".  Then it seems as if Kellie and Kidd are continuing to roll play as her parents as they do a little yelling back and forth about whether or not Selena is 'living the dream' or not.  Click 'READ MORE' to listen to the full interview with Selena.

Selena Gomez Interview Part 1

Selena Gomez Interview Part 2

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