Do you understand the phrase "Be kind, please rewind"? If so, I feel like soon you will be in the minority. Think about it, kids these days have never seen a VHS or cassette tape! So, I can't say that I'm at all surprised that this group of under-15's mistook a Sony Walkman for a cell phone, a walkie talkie, and a boom box.

The Fine Brothers bring us yet another entertaining installment of "kids react to", this time focusing on one of our favorite inventions ever - the Walkman.

After finally figuring out what the magical mystery device was ("Ooh, like in the movies?", said one kid) the kids try to figure out how to get the cassettes into the Walkman, try out the sweet 90's-style headphones, and press all of the buttons

"I feel bad for people who lived in the 90's, I really do," said one little girl.

The 90's were an amazing time, kid! You take that back!