To  be honest with you, I have never heard of a "push present" until Kim Kardashian West wrote a blog about it on her website. If you're in the same boat as I am a push present is a gift the husband gives his wife for pushing out their baby. Isn't the baby supposed to be enough of a gift? Apparently not.

Kim never believed in this until her other rich friends convinced her that she should ask her hubby, Kanye West, for one.

One friend got a special diamond ring she always wanted, and another friend got a new car! I like the idea of a push present—after nine months of pregnancy it's a sweet and well-deserved thank you."

Because nothing says thank you like a new car.

Kim said for her push present she would like a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker like she's worn in the past. You can see the pictures here.

The choker she's referring to values at $1 MILLION!! But if you don't have the money that KimYe does, no worries she listed "affordable" push present ideas for you to ask your husband. And I use the term affordable very loosely LOL

Do you believe in a push present? If so, what would you ask for?