We all know Kris Humphries as Kim Kardashian’s super tall ex-husband, but did you know that he also plays basketball? Really, he’s good for more than just possessing a first name that conveniently fits with the Kardashian family. But all joking aside, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kim regrets ending her marraige after only 72 days because Humphries just re-signed a massive contract with the Brooklyn Nets. Humphries is getting $24 million for just two years.

But of course, besides being a good rebounder and former husband of Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries has a rockin’ bod – which is why he is today’s Hunk of the Day. Take a look at the physique that first caught Kim’s eye and that makes him a great athlete. He doesn’t look too bad in a suit either – or on the basketball court.