Kristen Bell was on the online interview show, 'Hot Ones' which is a show where celebs sit down and talk to host Sean Evans while they eat hot wings, and throughout the interview, the wings get hotter and hotter.

During the interview, they ate vegan wings (very Hollywood) while they covered a lot of material including the new season of Veronica Mars being on Hulu and Frozen 2 about to hit theaters.

Sean then brought up this great Kristen quote,

"I crave midwestern food and atmosphere, there is no bullshit"

Which then Kristen explained the atmosphere of the mid-west, and enjoying the 4th of July along Lake Michigan, she also mentioned how every time they're back, it feels like home and she misses the mitten state.

Sean then asked her to describe the enduring allure of sliding into a vinyl booth at Big Boy.  She said it feels like going to CHEERS ( you know the bar where everyone knows your name) and there's nothing like it. Sliding into the booth ready for the unlimited salad bar and not caring about wilted lettuce, because you're there for the blue-cheese. She says it's all great!

She also talked a lot about food and how it ties into the 'GOOD PLACE' which is her awesome show on NBC.

Watch the whole 25-minute interview below, the Michigan chat happens within the first 2 minutes

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