Does Kylie Jenner have a secret TikTok account that she uses to poke fun at herself? Meh, not likely... but regardless, the internet can't get enough of the theory!

TikTok user @stormiibabii has almost 500,000 followers and over 10 million likes thanks to their genius, uncanny vocal impressions of the reality star and her 3-year-old daughter Stormi. The account features photos of Jenner as the person behind the account mouths along via a green screen effect placed over Jenner's lips, making it seem like Jenner is the one doing the talking.

The impressions are so good that people seem to think it could actually be the makeup mogul herself in disguise as... herself.

According to @stormiibabii though, they're not actually Jenner — just a fan.

"Parody Account. For Entertainment Purposes Only. I’m not the real Kylie Jenner," @stormiibabii's profile bio reads.

Even TikTok seems to think the impressions are a little too spot-on: "TikTok is tryna take my account down for impersonating," @stormiibabii claimed in a comment.

"No way this isn't Kylie promoting Kylie Kandy," one TikTok user commented under one of @stormiibabii's videos. Another added, "I fully believe this is Kylie just having fun[because] it sounds tooooo real."

The most hilarious comments from people who believe Jenner is secretly behind the account have gained hundreds of thousands of likes.

One of the main reasons that some folks believe @stormiibabii is some sort of meta-burner account is because the TikTok user behind it has mastered some of Jenner's frequently used phrases to perfection, in her signature high-pitched tone: "Storm Storm..." and "Stormi baby!"

This isn't the first time Jenner has dealt with speculation that she was secretly behind a project.

In 2016, many believed that Jenner was the voice behind then-emerging pop act Terror Jr. The rumors that Jenner was secretly a pop star, Hannah Montana style, got so pervasive that she eventually had to dispel them on social media.

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