Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety posted Sunday morning that late Saturday night, a Greyhound bus pulled into the Kalamazoo Transit Center on the way to Detroit after traveling in poor conditions because of the snowstorm, and experiencing mechanical issues on top of that.

The post says several of the passengers were stranded for hours while waiting for the repairs to be made to the bus.  That's when Kalamazoo Public Safety stepped in and tried to help relieve a little stress for those passengers by throwing an impromptu pizza party.

As you can see the passengers are hanging out with a couple of officers on a city bus, enjoying their slices of pizza.

The post goes on to say that be the end of the night, the bus had been repaired and the passengers were back on their way to Detroit.

Very cool of the KDPS do go "above and beyond" and help take care of the stranded passengers.  It reminds me of the hotel commercial where the bus breaks down, but the hotel is all booked up, so they put the kids in a conference room for the night.  Big props for #PeopleDoingGood.

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