Celebrities have a lot of pressure on them to make everyone happy. There’s always someone who’s their biggest fan saying if they just had one minute with their idol, everything wrong in their world would be right. It's a pretty heavy burden to bear.

But as Lady Gaga proved, sometimes a little day-making goes a long way – and it’s not even that hard to do.

During a season when we all try to go out of our way to do that little something extra, Gaga showed the world – and one adoring fan – that she’s just as human as all of her Little Monsters.

According to the Facebook page Lady Gaga Please Visit Daniel, a teenage boy with Down syndrome named Daniel had just gotten back to school after a long summer break in late August of this year -- but his school year took a tragic turn on the first day when one of his classmates brought a shotgun to school, fired it in the cafeteria, and hit him.

Daniel, already a child with special needs, was suddenly the victim of a senseless crime and stuck in a hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. A situation that would be difficult for anyone to understand and overcome.

Apparently, Daniel loves Lady Gaga. The page says he loves her so much that he “keeps a suitcase packed so he can go to California and marry her one day.” So someone decided it would be worth it to see if they could get Lady Gaga to come visit Daniel in the hospital -- and that's when the Facebook campaign was born.

Daniel got out of the hospital on Sept. 10 and even went back to school on Nov. 7. And, from all the press happenings posted on his page, he’s been very busy with benefits, appearances and interviews. But no word from Lady Gaga -- until now.

Yesterday the keeper of Daniel’s page posted a message from Daniel's father:

"I would like to share that he has received a package from Lady Gaga. It is pretty cool that someone in her position took the time to make a complete stranger happy.

The package included T shirts, CDs, a personally autographed message to Danny, a picture and 2 tickets to her upcoming concert (I believe they are front row). To see the smile on his face is overwhelming.

Thank you Lady Gaga, and thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this happen!!"

It wasn’t a visit, but a very stand-up move from Mother Monster in line with her recently-launched Born This Way Foundation, which seeks to "foster a more accepting society" by helping kids "build a kinder, braver world."