Lady Gaga launched her Born This Way Foundation with her mother Cynthia Germanotta (pictured above -isn’t she cute?) at Harvard today (Feb. 29.) Dressed in a chocolate brown, sleeveless dress and a shimmery net hat, Gaga livestreamed the press conference, where she discussed the foundations aims, goals and benefits for the youth.

Essentially, the Mother Monster wants the Born This Way Foundation to enable and empower the youth of today to support one another and to not tolerate things like bullying. It is also Mama G and Mama Monster’s first collabo! What a team.

About empowering the youth, Gaga said, “If I can get them to eat hamburgers and talk about it outside of my show, I know it sounds small, but over time, I feel it will be very big.” She said that her foundation wants to partner with other organizations with similar initiatives. She doesn’t want to exclude anyone, on any level.

The singer also addressed how she herself is the recipient of “hateful messages” via social media outlets, on which she is incredibly active. “I don’t talk about it,” Gaga said regarding the not-so-nice messages. “Why give it energy?” Perhaps that’s why she has not addressed Madonna‘s somewhat negative statements about her.

Gaga also stated that when she receives a nasty message, she takes a moment to consider the source and feel for them. “I always have a moment of empathy,” she said. “I think, ‘They must be going through something today.’ That is coming from a place of mental turmoil or a psychological challenge. I am not the answer to that, by writing, ‘Be a nice person.’ That is not going to do anything. Me as a person or you or you or you or anyone, what we can do, is to ignore the negativity and stay positive.”

She continued, “If you see someone being negative to someone else, it’s okay to intervene. It’s all about being a support system. I don’t believe one person changes the world. Humankind as a whole can change the world.”

The Born This Way Foundation is off to a running start… In six inch heels, of course.