Lady Gaga's Most Stylish Moments

Eccentric. Outrageous, Different. These are just some of the ways to describe Lady Gaga.

Ever since we saw her in that platinum blonde wig with stick-straight fringe and silver hardware in her 2008 video "Poker Face," it was obvious that she wasn't your average pop star.

Whether wearing a dress made of red meat or rocking some of the most ridiculously constructed heels on the red carpet, Lady Gaga is unapologetic about her style choices ± and even welcomes discussion around them. You can call her avant garde or a little weird, but the "Born This Way" singer never lets the clothes wear her. And although she's toning things down a little bit and gone for more of the old Hollywood look these days, she's still managing to make jaws drop at every opportunity.

Click through the gallery above to see why Gaga is so clearly a style maverick.

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