You all remember the Dorner manhunt last month. Well, remember those women who had their truck shot up by the LAPD when they had nothing to do with Dorner or the case? Well, LAPD is refusing to buy them a new truck.

The women were delivering newspapers in their Toyota Tacoma  (Valued at 32K) when the cops swarmed and shot up their truck.

They thought they would be getting a new one! Not so fast.

First, the LAPD said they would replace the truck if the women paid the gift tax on it of about 10K...So, that alone is a 1/3 of what it would cost for them to buy a new one.

Second, the LAPD wanted them to pose for a photo when they got their new truck. The women said that they had been through enough and didn't want to.

LAPD is refusing a truck. Bummer.