It didn't take LaughFest long to gain national attention as a can't-miss festival. (formerly Punchline Magazine) has announced it's nominees for their 2011 Readers' Choice Comedy Awards.  LaughFest is one of five nominees for "Favorite Comedy Festival".

The other nominees include festivals from some major cities, putting Grand Rapids in big company.

There are a total of 11 categories including: stand-up comedian, animated comedy show, musical comedy act, and more.

Other than the comedians themselves, I don't think many people have the time/money to go to more than one of the major comedy festivals which have been nominated....but let's not let that stop us.  Feel free to be a homer and vote for LaughFest at

The other nominees:

  • Just For Laughs in Montreal
  • New York Comedy Festival in New York City
  • Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland
  • Sketchfest in San Francisco

The winners will be announced on Monday.

LaughFest will return March 8-18, 2012.  Tickets went on sale about five weeks ago.