Lea Michele covers the September issue of Nylon, showing off her street style in black tights, off-the-shoulder, drapey tees and the like in her spread.

While the ‘Glee‘ beauty has honed her red carpet glam style over the years, effectively making it an art and a science, she looks just as at home and stunning when she dresses down. Don’t you love the effortless, “I just rolled out of bed” look, especially with her tresses?

Michele opened up about her relationship with co-star Cory Monteith in the piece, since their relationship began onscreen as Rachel and Finn and spilled over into real life. “We were Finn and Rachel before — I feel like they come first,” the singer/actress said about how she views the relationships.

She also teased her upcoming pop album! What’s this, Rachel Berry goes pop? You read that right. Michelle is psyched to explore that side of her musical personality, saying, “I want to make songs where girls can just roll down the windows of their car or dance around in their rooms in their underwear, like, ‘I hate my ex-boyfriend!’ or ‘I’m so in love!’ because that’s what I want [to hear],  power-girl songs.” Sounds like Princess Lea is inspired by our gal Taylor Swift, who is the queen of creating the types of songs she just described.

Michele also expounded on her unconventional upbringing, revealing, “I grew up in a very, very different world than a lot of people did. Everyone I knew was gay — the weirdos were the straight people. Obviously we don’t just deal with homosexuality on ‘Glee,’ but nothing shocks me. Nothing.”

As she prepares for the fourth season of ‘Glee,’ Michele, also starring in the fall Candie’s campaign for Kohl’s, finds herself having the same passion for the show right now as she did when she first stepped into McKinley High a few years ago.

“When the show first started I knew immediately that it was so special,” Michele confessed. “But so much was happening for us so quickly that it was very much a whirlwind. And I don’t know what happened, but when this third season finished, I fell madly in love with it again.”

Michele also addressed the rumors that she had become a bit of a diva and difficult to be around and work with, saying, “I think I was fighting so hard to change [representations of my personality], that I was not really being myself. [But] I came to a place where I’m much happier personally in my life and because of that I really don’t feel like I need to explain anything or be anything. I’m really proud of who I am.”



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