Word to the wise: When Lena Dunham appears on your talk show, no man is safe.

The Girls creator, who's never withheld her opinion publicly, played "Plead the Fifth" on Wednesday night's (October 10) episode of Watch What Happens Liveand answered everything from who she thinks is Taylor Swift's very worst ex-boyfriend to which man is the biggest misogynist in Hollywood.

First, let's say this much: Dunham wasn't thrilled with Calvin Harris' public treatment of Swift amid the couple's 2016 breakup (don't forget: Harris pretty much dragged Swift through the mud when it was revealed Swift was the secret writer behind Harris' huge hit "This Is What You Came For.")

"My least favorite was Calvin Harris because I felt that he was petty in the public, and who needs to do that?” Dunham said frankly.

And after calling Daniel Tosh the biggest misogynist in Hollywood (honestly, no arguments there...), Dunham gave Swift a ton of credit for finally coming forth with her political convictions earlier this week after years of staying silent on the state of the American government.

"She felt it was time for her to talk about politics, and I never judged her for considering that a private domain, but I think she chose a really, really powerful time to speak out and I’m so moved and honored to be her friend," Dunham said.

Check out the clip above for more, including a tale of some serious drama on the Girls set.

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