I am often mocked by those around me for my extreme hatred of cold weather. It's true, though, I hate the cold. The mocking is most certainly because I am from the Upper Peninsula and "should be used to it".  Fact: I am not used to it.

Things I do not like about snow:

1) It has to be cold in order to snow.

2) Snow, it seems, causes people to lose their ability to drive.

3) Snow makes things wet and slippery.

4) Shoveling. While sure, it's great exercise, it's also on odd feeling to be freezing cold and sweating at the same time. If you have children that you can get to do the shoveling, this one does not apply to you.

5) It lengthens your "getting ready to leave" time. You're all dressed and ready to go to the grocery store? Nope! You have to spend ten minutes brushing all of the snow off of your car! (Unless you're one of those lucky people with a remote car starter.)

6) Did I mention that it has to be cold to snow?

I can't deny that snow is pretty. As I looked out the windows of the Channel 957 studio today it was like being inside of a snow globe. I suppose if it could snow when it's warm out, I wouldn't be so against it.

What are your thoughts on the snow/cold/winter season?