Yes, I'm going to say it; cemetery dog walking should be illegal.

I just found this story about two parents who were visiting their son's grave and found dog poop ON his grave. The two were horrified at what they found, and now they want a law that bans dogs from graveyards.

This story is from somewhere in Canada, where there is a $165 fine for people who don't clean up after their dogs. As I said above, these people want dogs BANNED from all graveyards, and I agree.

My dad is buried in a cemetery in Whitehouse, Ohio. He died when I was 15, at the time there was nothing but fields surrounding this cemetery. Over the years, small subdivisions have been built up where those fields use to be, leaving zero privacy.

I can't stand it when I visit his grave site and grown adults and their kids are using the cemetery as a park. They're riding their bikes, walking dogs, enjoying the peacefulness of the cemetery; all while a grieving family members are paying their respects.

Doesn't that sound wrong? It does, because it is.

One 'park goer' had the nerve to power walk past my mom while she was at my dad's grave once and say 'Hi, how are you?' I know she meant well when she asked, but really, how do you think?

I doubt this is anything that could really be controlled, but if you're one of those people and you're reading this, stop, it's rude.