I don't care what you're doing right now, you need to stop doing it and watch this video (as long as you aren't at work and their aren't kids around because this video DOES contain NSFW language.)

Now that LeVar Burton has raised enough money to bring "Reading Rainbow" back, he's moved on to other things. Most recently, it was reading a rather vulgar "children's book" (I say "children's" because I'm pretty sure it's actually aimed toward adults) aloud to a group of adults. It's pretty awesome. 

Again, I'm going to warn you that this video does contain the F-word. Several times. So you probably don't want to watch at work or when little kids are around. You've been warned.

LeVar did this reading for Rooster Teeth's Extra Life charity campaign, which helps raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals for medical research. This is clearly his gift to all of us.

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