Just in case you didn't hear, Little Caesars now delivers...something they've never done before.

To promote their new delivery service the Detroit-based pizza chain will air a commercial during the Super Bowl -- for the first time ever. Little Caesars has been posting video teasers on their official Twitter page that "it's happening." The commercials feature Rainn Wilson of The Office.

The 30-second commercial will air during the third quarter of the game.

It's pretty rare for a national pizza chain to not offer delivery but the company has stated in the past that they didn't have a need for it due to their "Hot-N-Ready's." However, earlier this month they announced that they were getting in the delivery game to offer convenience and great value to their customers.

Further differentiating the company from its pizza chain peers, Little Caesars offers the same every day menu price whether pick-up or delivery and regardless of quantity -- bringing much needed affordability to delivered pizza.

Little Caesars delivery is now available through their app and website.

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